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Goals of the Four-Year-Old Program

We strive to build the self esteem of each child and to instill in them a love of school. As we nurture the children throughout the year we work to prepare them for kindergarten, socially, academically, and emotionally.

Social and Creative Experiences

  • Numerous activities and centers are set up to encourage and stimulate interactive and cooperative play among the children.
  • Rug time provides an opportunity to share ideas and stories with each other.
  • Children are encouraged to speak in front of others and also to become respectful listeners when others are speaking.
  • The children develop decision making skills and learn to become increasingly more self sufficient.

Pre-Reading and Literature Skills

  • The children are read to daily.  They also have free time to explore books on their own in the classroom library to help instill a passion for reading.
  • Each week is assigned a “Letter of the Week”.  The children learn to visually and phonetically identify each letter.
  • Many of the daily activities and units also revolve around the “Letter of the Week”.
  • The children are taught to write the letters of the alphabet.  As the year progresses forming words and sentences often comes naturally.

Art, Music and Fine Motor Skills

  • Daily art projects allow the children to express their creativity as the actual process of the art activity is stressed.
  • Fine motor skills are further developed through drawing, letter formation, and cutting.
  • Children develop a sense of pride as they create countless masterpieces through a wide range of media.
  • The children explore their appreciation of art, music, and movement. 

Four-Year-Old Class Offerings

Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 8:30-11:00
Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 12:15-2:45
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, 12:15-2:45

Daily Classroom Routine

Upon being greeted by the teacher at the door, the children wash their hands and then sit on the rug.  As we wait for all of our friends to arrive the children enjoy this opportunity to visit with their friends.  Once everyone has arrived, we spend time talking together.  The children learn to raise their hands and talk one at a time.  It creates a wonderful bonding time for our class, as the children share stories and experiences with their classmates.  The teachers then explain the two art projects the children will be doing that day.  After this the children are free to play throughout the room.  As they are playing they are called over a few at a time to do the projects.  Once everyone has finished their projects we clean up the room and meet on the rug.  We then spend time talking about our Letter of the Week, reading a story or two, singing, and playing a group game.  This brings us to snack time.  After snack the children go back to the rug for book time, where they are free to look at books on their own.


Four-Year-Old Guidelines

  • The children must be potty trained.
  • Parents will be asked to supply snack for a two week period during the year.  We are a peanut free school. 
  • The children will each get an opportunity to be the Star of the Week.  During this time they will get to share many special things about themselves, giving them a chance to shine.
  • Teacher conferences will be held twice during the year.  Teachers are always available if any questions or concerns arise.
  • We will go on a few local field trips throughout the year.  We will also have many special visitors, such as librarians, dentists, fire fighters…
  • A Parent’s Night will be held before school begins to talk in more detail about our daily routine and our yearly calendar.
  • Children must be four by September 1 of the year they plan to enter a four-year-old class. This is the same guideline used by Elmhurst District 205.




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